kim kardashian butt big fat jeans real implants Kim Kardashian thinks her butt looks too big and decides to tweet about itThere are three things we can count on in this world: Death, taxes, and Kardashians seeking attention. Just days after live-tweeting her hair dye experience (yes, Kim Kardashian is blonde) Kanye West’s girlfriend has more to tell her Twitter fans. Now, she thinks her butt looks too big in a certain pair of metallic, shiny jeans.

Yes, that’s right — Kim Kardashian, who is famous for her very, very curvy assets, needs us all to take an extra look this week. “Ummm in a fitting w @MonicaRoseStyle I think my butt looks too big in these jeans,” she tweeted on Saturday, along with the above Instagram photo of her rear end.

If you’re skeptical about the junk in Kardashian’s trunk, don’t be. Last June, an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” featured Kim and her sisters visiting a doctor about her butt. No, nothing was wrong — they just felt that the medical professional’s valuable time would be well-used X-raying Kim’s butt to prove what they already knew to be true.

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All three Kardashian sisters went to their family physician. Kourtney, who has breast implants, had her chest X-rayed so that Kim could compare the image of the impants to the image taken of her own butt. (You’d think Kim, being the attached to the butt in question, wouldn’t have needed a control group in order to confirm her findings, but we’ve learned not to question these women.) Watch the year-old video below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie