Have you somehow not been overexposed to Kim Kardashian yet? If her wedding to Kanye West dominating the world didn’t do the trick, never fear. Kardashian is getting her own video game.
She made the announcement herself, of course, on Instagram. The game is called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” and the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star is lending her voice and likeness to it.
As for what it’s about, TooFab has the details. They say it’s a mobile game that will be available on iOS and Android devices. It’s based on the title “Stardom” from Glu Mobile, which allows players to build fame for their avatar through tasks like going out to eat, clubbing, running away from paparazzi and getting roles in TV shows and movies. You don’t get to actually be Kardashian in the game because you’re just a mere mortal. Instead, she will serve as your “career mentor” who helps you become the rich and famous celebrity you deserve to be.
If her advice doesn’t include E! reality shows and marrying a rapper, something isn’t adding up. A trailer for “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” is expected later in the week. There is no announced release date for the game.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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