melissa molinaro kim kardashian gi Kim Kardashian vs. Melissa Molinaro: A side by (back)side comparisonReality star and all-around bon vivant
Kim Kardashian filed suit July 20 against Old Navy’s parent company
Gap Inc. for running ads with a celebrity lookalike. In the filing,
Kardashian’s lawyers claim Old Navy’s ads with approximate doppelganger
Melissa Molinaro have “caused actual confusion” among the
public and that Kardashian “has suffered and will continue to
suffer damages” from this campaign.

So how alike are these two?
Certainly there are aesthetic similarities. They’re both about the
same age, height and body type. They both have olive skin and dark
hair. But some people just look alike.

So we took the comparisons
to the next step. Is this a case of “Tale of Two Cities” or “Single
White Female”
? You be the judge.

Kardashian-Table.jpg*Note: Molinaro does have a song called “Sex

Posted by:David Eckstein