Kim Kardashian walked the Teen Choice red carpet as a brand newly single blond.

This was not a pale wig, like the one she fooled us with before. This is a real dye job.

According to Kim's website, "My hairstylist Clyde Haygood orchestrated the whole thing and Rebecca from Goodform salon dyed it! I'm debuting my new look at the Teen Choice Awards tonight!"

She made quite the appearance, even fooling some journalists into thinking that she might be Beyonce.

Sisters Kendall and Kylie Kardashian were along for the TC ride.  Kylie says may want to be an actress. Kind of. She's thinking about it. She's not sure yet. And Kendall is gonna be a model!

What, no aspirations to be president of the U.S.?

Do they miss Khloe? You bet. "We miss you and love you and our souls ache without you."

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What do you think of Kim's official blond debut? Thumbs up or down? Not to prejudice the vote, but we LOVE it.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead