kardashian humphries kiss getty Kim Kardashian's wedding and other ways to spend $20 millionThe big weekend is coming up as Booty and the Benchwarmer get set for their only slightly ostentatious wedding. Reality show diva Kim Kardashian and her betrothed, Kris Humphries, will be married this weekend in a ceremony that’s reported to cost $20 million.

This seems like an awful lot considering that, according to Brides magazine, the average wedding cost in 2011 is only $26,501.

So we decided to see what else the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Kardashian — because really, it seems more likely that he would change his name — could have spent their money on instead….

  • A 2012 Volkwagen Beetle (MSRP $18,995) for each of their reported 1,000 wedding guests.
  • 700 pounds of gold, based on current price of $1,787 per ounce.
  • One season’s salary ($16 million) for Kim’s one-time boyfriend, Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • 222,000 pair of thigh high boots from Sears’ Kadashian Kollection, enough for nearly every resident of Madison, Wisconsin (Pop. 237,000).
  • 406,000 tickets to Miami Dolphins games to watch ex-beau Reggie Bush (Average ticket price: $49.25)
  • 1.9 million copies of Paris Hilton’s album “Paris” based on Amazon’s retail price of $10.56. [Note: Paris’ U.S. album sales were a scant 197,000 as of March 2011]
  • Four-year tuition for 116 students to attend her father’s alma mater, the University of Southern California (Tuition cost: $42,818)
  • Meals for 167,000 malnourished African children for a year (Based on $120/year)

The real question is: How much is a good divorce attorney going to cost?

Posted by:David Eckstein