kim-zolciak-real-hair-without-a-wig-dont-be-tardy-for-the-wedding-bravo-1.jpgIt’s the day before Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s wedding on “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” Thursday (May 31), but who cares about that — we get to see Kim’s real hair! It looks … exactly like her wigs, but shorter.

Why do we never see Kim without her wigs?! She looks so young and cute. As for wearing her real hair for the wedding, though, that’s probably out of the question.

“My wigs have definitely just become a part of who I am,” Kim says. “I’m not sure I want to change something up so drastic on my wedding day … I don’t want it to be about my hair.”

That’s understandable, but Kim should seriously think about rocking her little Jennifer Aniston look on camera more often.

Check out the video of the big reveal below.

Elsewhere, plans for security at the wedding are well underway — Kim and Kroy are going to have armed guards and possibly dogs. Big dogs — who may or may not also be armed. No one is getting into this wedding unless they’re on the list and brought a photo ID. But one person who was on the invite list who won’t be getting in is Kendra, Kim’s decorator/the woman who owns the home Kim and Kroy are renting. Apparently, she’s vowed to stop the wedding since Kim hasn’t yet paid her for her decorating services — for which she charged Kim more than three times what she said she would.

Next week is the big wedding episode — do you think Kendra will make an appearance? What about Kim’s real hair?

Which do you prefer: Kim with a wig or without?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper