kimbo slice Kimbo Slice not dead despite Twitter's best effortsCan the great citizens of the Twitterverse please stop trying to kill off random public figures? Pretty soon Twitter will turn into the social network that cried wolf and some actual death will go completely untweeted about… and that would be a tragedy.

This week’s undead tweeter is Ultimate Fighter and mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice, otherwise known as Kevin Ferguson. Over the weekend, Twitter exploded with rumors of his death. Like many Twitter death rumors, these were greatly exaggerated.

Mr. Slice himself was alerted to his fans’ concerns, and logged on to reassure everyone. “I’m straight, y’all,” he tweeted. “Thnkx for the concern. Some1 else with the same name passed away earlier from my old neighborhood.”

No, there are not two people who go by the name Kimbo Slice, but a fellow named Kevin Ferguson from the Miami area did pass away recently. It turns out Kevin Ferguson is a relatively common name. Who knew?

Our condolences to the Ferguson family. We’d be pretty annoyed if one of our loved ones died and some famous dude got all the credit.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie