The weekend is all about catching up on important things we missed during the week. Or napping. Anyhow, this falls into the first category: On Thursday (July 28), Kirstie Alley stopped by the “Late Show” to take David Letterman to task for a series of fat jokes he told while she was competing on “Dancing with the Stars” in the spring.

“I feel like I’m a little estranged from you,” says Alley in the clip above. “I thought you loved me madly, but then you talked about me being a little ‘chub’.”

Letterman admits to having poked fun at Alley’s weight, at which point the actress produces a list of said jokes to read back to Dave:

“Kirstie Alley joining Dancing with the Stars. If you don’t already own one, now might be a good time to get a wide-screen TV.”

“Last night on ‘Dancing,’ Kirstie Alley fell on the dance floor. How many of you felt it? However, the judges scored her an 8 — on the Richter scale.”

“I did these because I felt like I had your tacit approval,” says a none-too-concerned Letterman.

“I said it was okay,” Alley replies, “So that was like go ahead and tell 50 of them?”


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson