Kirstie-Alley.jpgOkay, we kind of understand why Kirstie Alley is tweeting about a shotgun. Her home in Witchita, Kansas was broken into … again. According to the Witchita Eagle, police have set up patrols around the neighborhood after Alley’s home there was vandalized twice over the weekend.

It’s the third time since October that her home has been targeted. The first time, the back door was kicked in. This time the windows were broken. Though nothing was stolen, the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant was not going to take this lying down.

The local cops don’t think these incidents had anything to do with who Alley is, though after publishing her address on the site, we wouldn’t be surprised if they are now. Alley took to Twitter to express her frustration, saying, “Dear persons who have broken into Wichita House 4 the 3rd time.. Next
time gonna B met with a big dog and an even bigger shotgun.. warned.”

Posted by:jbusch