Live broadcasting by Ustream

If you can’t handle the cuteness of Zooey Deschanel, then you definitely won’t be able to stomach the Kitten Cam, which her site HelloGiggles — headquarters for all things girly — has been broadcasting for the last month.

Mama cat Coco and her three adorable kittens were rescued last month after a house fire. The kitties are currently in a foster home in Philadelphia, but in a few weeks when they’re old enough to be spayed or neutered, they’ll be up for adoption. Just this week the kittens started walking and learned to escape their little kitten bedroom! (If you’re still reading this, I’m assuming you’re the type of person who wouldn’t cringe and/or vomit at my use of an exclamation point after that statement.)

Check out Adopt a Philly Kitty’s Facebook page for adoption details. Otherwise, just enjoy the cuteness.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper