What do chefs do after-hours? Why, have underground cooking competitions, of course. And Esquire Network’s “Knife Fight” is ready to bring them to TV.

Hosted by “Top Chef” Season 2 winner Ilan Hall, and premiering Tuesday (Sept. 24) with back-to-back episodes, “Knife Fight” features Hall’s friends gathering at his downtown LA restaurant, The Gorbals, competing head-to-head, making at least two dishes in one hour from a combination of two to three secret ingredients.

That’s not all the pressure on the competing chefs, however. While they’re cooking on the fly, they’re also heckled by a rowdy crowd made up of friends, neighbors and celebrities, food professionals and die-hard foodies who serve as judges and timekeepers for each bout.

Get a glimpse of “Knife Fight” above and be sure to turn in to the series premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. ET on the new Esquire Network.

Posted by:Billy Nilles