Smithcho_knightrider_240 Just in case you’re unaware, this is New Year’s Eve. It’s a day when people go out, pay way too much for food, and watch a ball in a controlled drop in New York City. It is, this year, also apparently the night that NBC figured it ought to return Knight Rider to the schedule, a decision that makes about as much sense to me as the plot of a Knight Rider episode.

Things did get off to a rock-and-roll start as Michael and KITT were foiling some sort of robbery. KITT totally wanted to EMP some motorcyclists who were trying to rip off a big rig. Inexplicably, KITT wasn’t able to do the all-important math which stated that if the big rig were doing more than 80 (which it was) it would jack-knife once the EMP disabled KITT.

I expect more of KITT than that. I also expect less of Michael. Who knew that he could quickly work that sort of math out?

Okay, in the end it didn’t make a difference. Michael may have been able to slow down the rig enough to use the EMP, but there was a slight "accident" in the back of the rig and a bottle with some virtually invisible living ooze escaped. It crawled over people in the truck, reactivated some of the EMP-blasted electronics, killed the motorcycle gang, and other neat-o and ought to be impossible things.

Invisi-ooze turned out to be the "Arrow virus," a nano-virus. The virus escaped the big rig, hitching a ride on a Harley without electronics, driven by one of the motorcycle gang. Exactly why Harley guy opted to go around spreading the virus, we didn’t yet know, but spreading the virus he was. He tried to get it uploaded to the internet at a gas station and then spread it to the electric grid. KITT thwarted those efforts, thank goodness, because, the virus, if it connected to the internet or a big power grid, could DESTROY THE WORLD.

Thank goodness for Michael that KITT’s shield could hermetically seal the car, otherwise KITT could get infected, and that wouldn’t be a good thing. It almost (but not quite) goes without saying that Michael ordered KITT to lower his shield to stop the virus at one point, thereby infecting the car. The virus then did nothing, absolutely nothing. It infected KITT one afternoon, sat around, moved from one part of the car to another, but really did nothing. Perhaps it was waiting for KITT to head back to KNIGHT so that it could get itself uploaded to the KNIGHT computer system. Perhaps it forgot that it could take control of KITT and drive itself wherever it wanted (at least, I think it could do that, any nano-virus that can DESTROY THE WORLD ought to be able to takeover a car, even KITT). Perhaps the explanation that Sarah would later give about the virus needing a little bit more time to take over KITT was accurate.

Or, perhaps, just perhaps, the nano-virus was betting that KITT, Michael, Sarah, and Doc Graiman would hook up with Ryan Arrow, the virus’ creator who had sold it to the government. Then, the nano-virus could pretend to try and wend its way to the internet via the connect at Arrow’s house, and just wait for KITT to be given the order to fire missiles into the house. You see, that way the virus could, just for fun, have KITT ignore an abort order on the missiles and destroy the house, the virus’ potential internet connection, and kill Arrow at the same time.

Sorry, I know that’s what happened, but there are just too many logic gaps in what went down for me to be able to fully grasp it all. Arrow even copped to having been behind the attempt to steal the virus from the big rig, which made no sense to me because that meant that the biker that went to spread the virus was employed by Arrow, who claimed to desperately want the virus back so that he could save the world from it. Obviously Arrow’s story was a complete lie, but we really could have used a hint at Arrow’s motivation to tie the whole thing together.

Okay, let’s leap over the logic gaps and move on to where the virus did use KITT to infect the computers at KNIGHT headquarters. Michael and Sarah proceeded to leave headquarters with their beloved car and head back to Arrow’s place, because Michael knew — he just knew — that Arrow had actually been the Harley guy and that the Harley wasn’t immune because of a lack of electronics, but because it was equipped with anti-nano-virus. All Sarah had to do was get the anti-nano-virus from the Harley, slap it into KITT and the world would be saved!

Yes! Happy ending! Oh wait, not so much. There was still the pesky matter of the fact that the virus had infected headquarters; that Carrie and Torres had initiated the headquarters’ self-destruct sequence; and that there were only a few seconds left before Torres, Doc Graiman, and Carrie died. Would they be able to stop the sequence in time…?

Obviously. It would have been great to pare down the cast that way, but alas, it was not to be.

Bits and Pieces:

  • You know who I find to be the most fun on this show — Zoe and Billy. I can’t buy for a minute that they’re really useful or qualified to being doing their jobs at KNIGHT, but they do make with the funny in a way I appreciate. Today they were doing the funny thing whilst discussing spying on Torres. They learned that KARR is real. I look forward to seeing him, which might be happening next week. Good times.
  • Question of the Knight: I know that the show loves its little logic flaws, but were they just a tad more overwhelming tonight than usual?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser