Brucedavison_knightrider_240As you may recall last time on Knight Rider the show lifted the "can’t drop below such-and-such mph" from Speed and Carrie died… maybe. Plus, there were two turbo boosts, and that’s really why I watch the show (that and the bikinis).

Tonight, with KITT still doing the Speed thing, Michael had him go into attack mode on the highway, complete with lights and sirens. It may have fooled the average folks out there, but the actual cop on the motorbike knew that the Ford wasn’t truly a police car. Happily for Michael (and myself), they were heading into a construction zone. Naturally Michael and KITT drove in the closed lane and were required to turbo boost in order to jump some construction equipment. Woo-hoo! That’s two weeks in a row with a turbo boost! Happy days are here again. Well, happy except for the cop who couldn’t turbo boost and ended up falling off his bike (KITT promised us he’d probably be okay).

You know what else I like? Bad guys that ask for a billion dollars. There’s nothing like a bad guy that thinks big, and a billion is pretty big. Stevens, our kidnapper/mad bomber was thinking big. He asked Torres for a billion. I know, if you’re a Wall Street institution a billion is nothing, but for a regular bad guy like a kidnapper asking for a billion is pretty good. It was also a huge tipoff that he really wanted something else because no one was ever going to give him a billion dollars and he was smart enough to know that.

But, Doc Graiman and Sarah had a plan to help Michael and not have to pay the money. They landed the cargo plane on the freeway and had KITT pull into it. Now, on Speed that sort of thing wouldn’t have worked. Not only would Dennis Hopper have blown the bus instantly, but I have a feeling that the way the bus was rigged the trigger mechanism would have noticed the fact that the bus itself wasn’t doing the moving. Stevens hadn’t rigged things that way, so KITT stopping in the plane made no difference. The overpass the cargo plane couldn’t quite get over though was a small issue… sort of. The wheels of the plane hit the top of the overpass, took out some concrete and made absolutely no difference to anyone, except for the loss of the landing gear. What kind of super cargo plane do these folks have? I think most planes would have been finished right about there.

Once Doc Graiman got a look at the bomb inside the plane, he became pretty convinced that he couldn’t disarm it. KITT had a plan though — he wanted to drop the bomb in the atmosphere where it could explode doing no damage. I guess the height they had to drop the nuclear device at was totally different than the one Alec Trevelyan wanted to use to explode the Goldeneye device, because there the exploding of a nuclear device in the atmosphere destroyed anything in the area on the ground with an electrical circuit.

Goldeneye devices aside, the KNIGHT folks did release the bomb into the atmosphere. Stevens got all huffy with Alex Torres at about the same time, and he exploded the bomb while it was a tad too close to the cargo plane. Yeah, like that was going to make a difference with our super cargo plane. That thing can take a licking and keep on ticking, whether or not it was about 20,000 feet above the plane’s supposed ceiling.

Of course, it may not have been the super cargo plane that saved the day. Stevens had been cheating, he didn’t use all the Hafnium in the KITT bomb, he had made a second bomb. The KNIGHT folks figured it out pretty quickly though, way for them to stay Onatopp of things.

As for Carrie, she didn’t actually die in the blast. She somehow made it to the hospital. And, while Zoe waited for Carrie to pass on, she got to talk to Carrie’s dad. Nice guy. He wasn’t happy with Carrie’s professional choices, but nice guy. Eventually, Carrie woke up and managed to write a little note for Dad and Zoe "Valdor." I know, weird last words, but she had seen it written in the warehouse before it blew. It turned out Valdor was a company making chemical weapons for the government and Stevens wanted to destroy one of their factories.

Crazy Doc Graiman was supposed to head to the factory with Michael, Sarah, and KITT, but he refused. He pulled one of those last minute switcheroo things where he promised Sarah that he’d get into KITT and then issued KITT a secret order before he was in the car, effectively locking himself out and Michael and Sarah in.

For some reason Doc Graiman thought he could be of use in the cargo plane without wheels. Unless he was going to try and wrap himself around what was left of the landing gear I can’t guess what he thought he could do. Perhaps he knew that the copilot was going to insist on bailing out of the plane, but until that happened he was just added weight. Even after that happened, while the weight probably evened out, Graiman’s staring at a computer monitor wasn’t really helpful. Maybe he knew that he didn’t want to live if Carrie was dead. Carrie wasn’t dead yet, but I figure that Doc Graiman had a premonition and knew that she was going to die and didn’t want to be in the world without her. I can sort of accept that.

And then, the show got good (well, as good as it gets). KITT, on the way to Valdor, didn’t go into "attack mode," he went into "stealth attack mode!" I had no idea KITT had a "stealth attack mode," how cool is that?!? Honestly, I can’t imagine why he used it if instead of being stealthy he drove straight through the closed garage door at Valdor. See, that made a lot of noise and was pretty obvious, which is, you know, not actually very stealthy. Sarah was much more stealthy, she snuck up behind Stevens to grab the trigger for the bomb out of his hand just as Michael was shooting him, thereby saving the day.

At the end of the episode we learned that Carrie didn’t actually die, though she may have wished that she had. Her wounds were severe enough that she was never going to be able to work in the field again. We also learned that the super cargo plane Doc Graiman was on was really less than super. It blew up and he died. We didn’t get to see that though, probably because they spent the explosion budget giving us another turbo boost. Sounds like a good trade to me.

Question of the Knight – do you think the show is going to be better or worse without Crazy Doc Graiman?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser