started with our thinned out team turning their headquarters into a frat house? I thought they were supposed to be out there saving the world. Apparently that now requires a foosball table and an easy chair with a cooler in the armrest.

The gang had also decided that they're all terribly stressed out and would be taking vacations in shifts. I guess that's better than them all taking off at the same time, but obviously, the only guy they actually needed was the one driving the car. Pretty much everyone else could take all the time off they wanted, KITT could do the heavy lifting brains-wise, and Michael could take care of the rest. It almost goes without saying that Michael was the first guy to take a vacation… with KITT. Yeah, brilliant planning. I guess it's good that it was Michael who found trouble this week, rather than Billy uncovering some sort of illegal arms smuggling, this way Michael's vacation didn't get ruined by anyone but Michael.

And, boy, did his vacation get ruined. He went to this old bar from his past, Sonny's, for a nice quiet evening, only to find that Sonny was dead, his hot daughter Julie was running the place, the bouncer was too nice, the place was full of armed and dangerous people, and there had been some suspicious fires breaking out lately. Michael took a position as a bouncer there, quickly breaking the nose of the kid from Home Improvement. No, not Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the older brother, Zachery Ty Bryan.

The kid's daddy, not Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, showed up moderately annoyed the next morning that his son had been hurt at his old buddy's bar (apparently Not The Tool Man and Sonny were buds). That was all well and good, except that it clearly wasn't. There was no way that Zachery Ty Bryan was going to appear twice, the second time with Not The Tool Man and that he and/or his dad weren't going to be the cause of Sonny's troubles.

Sure enough, when Michael and KITT followed a methane trail from the most recent fire, they were led back to Phil Driscoll's development company (Driscoll being Not The Tool Man). At least they didn't make us hold our breath for that revelation. Nor did we have to wait too long to learn from Julie that Phil had offered to buy her place right after her dad died.

It all seemed so nice and easy, but it wasn't, as we'd find out later. Yes, Driscoll and/or his boy were evil, but the methane trail turned out to be nothing but a red herring leading in the right direction. Odd, the KNIGHT folks just got lucky there.

The really odd thing though was that after Michael went to track down the car Sonny died in (there had been an accident the KNIGHT team figured was foul play), Michael was almost gunned down by a bunch of people with really big guns. Oh, Michael escaped, and he escaped in awesome fashion. Truly awesome fashion. He hopped into KITT, and after a brief chase, he had KITT spin 90 degrees while breaking and then turbo boost. KITT did this ridiculous sideways flip thing onto an overpass. But, the cool escape didn't explain how there could be so much money at play that there was a team of hitmen after Michael.

As it turned out, Sonny's was sitting on a bunch of methane gas, making the mineral rights to the place worth a fortune (and meaning that, if I understand the show, that the Driscolls just happened to walk through some of it on the way to their company). Phil Driscoll may have known that, as Driscoll Development had a survey done back in the day. However, today was today, and Phil was dead due to some sort of massive heart attack. Clearly that made Terry (Zachery Ty Bryan) the bad guy, it also meant that the fires at Sonny's were just an accident, and caused by the methane under the place. It was just bad luck that they started right after Sonny's death. Okay…

Michael may have blacked out at the end of the fight with Terry, but Terry was already down for the count at that point. With the bad guys eliminated, Michael's vacation, and this episode, came to a close.

Okay, foolish plot aside, let's admit it was a fun episode tonight. There was the kooky wrecked car artist, and the whole Zoe/Billy back and forth. Those two deserve their own show, which leads me to…

The Question of the Knight — if Zoe and Billy got their own show next fall, you'd watch, wouldn't you?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser