Smithcho_knightrider_240 We’re always learning new things on Knight Rider. One week we might find out that Michael was the original driver of KARR, another week that Doc Graiman had a house in Hawaii (wait, were those the same week?). Tonight we found out that at night, KITT likes to scan the police bands, listening for any sort of emergency that might allow him to wake Michael from a deep slumber.

This week, at 4:17am, KITT heard something that disturbed him, a plane disappeared. Though eventually curious, Michael was at first none too amused about getting up at that hour. But, it was on the way to the crash that this week’s bit of awesome occurred (I look for a bit of awesome every week). When Michael accused KITT of changing the subject of their conversation, KITT slammed the breaks, knocking Michael’s head into the dashboard. That, was awesome. Now, if you were riding in a supercar that could go really fast and fly through the air with the greatest of ease, you’d wear your seatbelt, wouldn’t you? I rewound the scene, and it doesn’t appear Michael was. Out of curiosity, what is this restraint system KITT has if it doesn’t produce a visible seatbelt?

In any case, Michael and KITT found a crashed Lear jet, but apparently it wasn’t so much crashed. The blast radius, tree line, and traces of ammonium nitrate were all much more consistent with a faked crash, not a real one. KITT tried to explain it all to Michael, but the big lug didn’t believe him at first, proving once again that the car is far smarter than the driver. Michael was smart enough to figure out that the DEA, when they showed, wanted him gone. Even Michael feeding our lead DEA agent, Renning, information from KITT stating that the jet was a DEA one didn’t get Michael access to the scene.

Michael was actually perfectly happy to leave the scene, right up until he found out that a 10-year-old, Danny, was on the plane. The death of innocent children is something that KNIGHT simply doesn’t approve of, particularly when the kid was going to testify against a Peruvian drug cartel. Now, when the death of a 10-year-old is faked, as it was in this case, that’s something KNIGHT accepts even less, so they were back on the case.

At the airfield where the plane allegedly took off from, Michael found a couple of dead DEA agents, and Renning had, in my mind, been frisky with one of said agents. She was rather shaken to hear of the death, so I’m figuring that she and the agent were “special friends.” I can’t imagine what Renning would have done if she had known that Michael had KITT and that KITT had found footage of Danny at a gas station after the “crash.” Whatever she would have done, it probably wouldn’t have been quite as severe as what she did end up doing once she caught up with Michael.

As for our hero, In a daring fit of stupidity, Michael went after the drug guys all by himself and had KITT launch an EMP to shut down their car, pissing them off. Michael then, slightly more idiotically, tried to take out the bad guys and save Danny’s life even though the bad guys were all armed and Michael was hampered by wanting to keep the boy alive. The plan didn’t work, and when one of the bad guys (one of the plane’s pilots) asked Michael to whom he was speaking (you know, when Michael was talking to KITT and appearing to most people to be a crazy man talking to thin air) Michael came up with the wise and witty retort “your mom.”

Oh Michael, I guess you really can’t get looks and brains all in the same package. You deserved to get arrest by Renning when she finally showed based on your retort alone. Of course, as she didn’t hear your retort it was less clear why she actually did arrest you (something about obstruction of justice, but I think she was just angry at her DEA “friend” passing away). KITT, meanwhile, was put on a tow truck and was on his way to an impound lot before Sarah ordered him to go save Michael from the DEA (a task he accomplished by taking control of Renning’s car, which was definitely cool).

While we were supposed to believe that Danny was a super smart kid, he actually opted to lie to the cartel rather than tell them where their shipment of drugs was located. Danny, who was an expert chess player, couldn’t figure out that if the cartel would kill Danny’s dad and kidnap him, that they might also kidnap Danny’s mom in order to get Danny to tell them what they wanted to know. That’s like being blindsided by the Zilbermints Gambit.

Danny had helpfully left an equation with latitude and longitude coordinates on the wall at his dad’s place. That, plus the fact that Michael had KITT with him, meant Michael got to the drugs first, dug them up, put explosives in the suitcase, and reburied the suitcase before the bad guys got there. I tell you, what with the bad guys having a lead on Michael, that KITT must be one fast car.

I know you’ll find this amazing, but the bad guys were taken into custody at the end of the episode. As for Renning, she was so not happy that the drugs got blown up.

Question of the Knight — Danny and his mom were taken back to KNIGHT headquarters at the end of the episode, so two more people learned all about this not-quite-legal black ops team tonight. You think that if the show runs for a few more seasons the whole world will know about them?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser