Yanceyarias_knightrider_240 Why is it exactly that spoiled little rich girls always end up rejecting the establishment? When was that made a rule? Tonight’s episode of Knight Rider delved into just that issue. Well, "delve" isn’t the right word, they briefly mentioned it, but didn’t actually bother to explore it at all.

The episode started off with something that has been sorely missing in the last few weeks — semi-nakedness. Michael and Sarah were "sparring" with one another at the base (it was kind of wrestling, Michael didn’t have a shirt, Sarah was wearing a minimal amount of tight clothes, you get the picture). I honestly felt bad for them (and for Billy and Zoe who were watching them while sitting in KITT), they were interrupted when the night’s mission came in.

It seems as though a couple of outlaws (anarchists, according to Alex), Nikki and Max, were out to "takedown the Military-Industrial Complex of the United States." That apparently consisted of doing things like transferring the salaries of all the members of both houses of Congress to Iraqi War widows. I wouldn’t call that anarchy, but I guess I’m not a member of Congress. Nikki and Max, we learned, were off to their next target which was where Michael and Sarah were going to intercept them — the town of Hastings (not to be confused with Hastings-on-Hudson, which is my hometown).

Given the choice, were I Michael, I would have left Sarah at home — too much sexual tension there — but apparently Michael wanted to keep Sarah close (and clearly she wanted the same). It left Billy and Zoe nothing better to do than bet on which person in KITT would deviate from the mission and think naughty thoughts first… right up until Billy and Zoe’s non-relationship came to the forefront once more. I can’t wait for the show to just end the sexual tension in both of those relationships.

Back in Hastings, Michael and Sarah were trying to figure out what the number 15 stood for (it apparently had something to do with Nikki and Max). As it turned out, Michael randomly guessed correctly that 15 turned out to be military time, and then further randomly guessed correctly that Nikki and Max were going to blow up something small that would have a big effect on the country. That worked out to be a plant which made a valve necessary in oil refining. Were the plant destroyed the price of gas would spike (again, apparently that would cause anarchy in our country).

But, how were Michael and Sarah to figure out who in the plant was doing the dirty deed? Well, Doc Graiman had outfitted them with ID badges which had cameras in them that, linked to the computers back at KNIGHT, could use facial recognition software to identify the people in the plant who didn’t belong.

That was totally unnecessary, Nikki and Max weren’t intelligent enough to play dress-up when sneaking in somewhere to plant a bomb. So, with the baddies quickly found, Sarah followed them while Michael took one look at the bomb and opted to throw it outside so that KITT could place himself on top of the bomb while it exploded harmlessly. Sarah was all ready to shoot Nikki and Max until the voice in her ear (Alex’s) told her that Nikki was a congressman’s daughter. I totally would have taken Nikki out anyway, but Sarah demurred and Michael got there just in time to receive a flesh wound from Nikki.

The only question now was whether Nikki had been brainwashed by Max (which according to Congressman Daddy she had) or if her attending Berkeley had warped her mind and made her into a willing participant in the shenanigans. Michael and Sarah would attempt to find out at Teeton Plastics, Nikki and Max’s next destination. The smart money though was on willing participant.

The smart money may have had their heart beat a little quickly when, after Michael and Sarah confronted the baddies at Teeton, Max used Nikki as a human shield, but I wasn’t worried. Okay, it is true that Max ditched Nikki and escaped, but that wasn’t definitive proof of her having been brainwashed by Max and not Berkeley. Even so, Michael and Sarah were able to return the poor little rich girl to KNIGHT and Congressman Daddy… and there she found herself arrested due to the federal warrant out on her.

Nikki did whine enough that she was allowed to talk to Congressman Daddy and call mommy in private. I guess there are some perks to being a congressman’s kid, particularly when you’re being held at a certain tech company who gets a lot of its government funding via the congressman.

KNIGHT Industries found itself incredibly lucky tonight that Zoe wasn’t present at her desk when Nikki and Congressman Daddy left. If Zoe had been present, Billy would have been focusing on her and not his monitor which informed him that the KNIGHT firewall had been hacked. It had been accessed from the same room in which Nikki had talked with Congressman Daddy and called mommy. Nikki had grabbed all the relevant info on KNIGHT — their mandate, and who worked for them. I told you the smart money was on Nikki having gone evil at Berkeley, not Stockholm Syndrome.

Just as everyone worked out that the files had been downloaded to Congressman Daddy’s cell, Max rammed the van Nikki, Congressman Daddy, and Carrie were travelling in. By the time Michael had gotten there, Nikki, Carrie, and Max were gone. Thankfully KITT was able to analyze some tire tread marks and an oil leak otherwise they might never have worked out where Nikki and Max were. Okay, to be honest, they were only able to narrow down the location of the baddies because the writers again ignored logic (or, at the very least, made a bunch of leaps in logic that we weren’t privy to), but Michael did find the right car.

Michael and KITT were then able to fire simultaneously at the two rear tires of Max’s car (Michael with his gun and KITT with a spike). Billy then blocked the upload of KNIGHT files to the web which had been initiated by Nikki. Nikki and Max still had Michael outgunned however, so when the "anarchists" opted to take KITT and make their getaway, Michael let them. The baddies were quickly apprehended (KITT gassed them).

Question of the Knight — Seriously, where are the turbo boosts? I don’t think we’ve seen a turbo boost since the second or third episode, and while I’m all for the semi-nakedness making a comeback, I really need a good turbo boost.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser