Smithcho_knightrider_240 I’m so happy that every week we once again get to journey into the shadowy world of a man who does not exist. It may be goofy, it may be silly, but if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… the Knight Rider.

As tonight’s episode began, Michael was skulking around KNIGHT Industries, gun unholstered. The lights were down, the music on, and the tension ratcheted up, so clearly it was a just a game. Michael and tech boy Billy were playing with water guns. The games ended pretty quickly though when Sarah and company found them and handed Michael and KITT their next assignment.

Last week, you may recall, there was a gang exporting weapons, this week there was a terrorist cell importing them. Last week, the gang was a bunch of street racers, this week the terrorists were surfers. Last week, one of Michael’s ex-buds helped him infiltrate the gang right before betraying him, this week a top-secret agent, Turner, had disappeared while on the hunt of the terrorists. Would he too be evil? Who knows, but what with the surfing theme we would absolutely get our contractually obligated semi-nudity (this time with Zoe as she apparently is a surfer and was partnering with Michael tonight).

As soon as they got to the hotel down in Mexico, KITT picked up Agent Turner’s homing beacon and Zoe was in a itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny non-polka dotted bikini. The bad guys must have been on to them, because after KITT followed them for a little while, the villains had whipped out a machine gun and when that did little good, fired some secret super-rocket into KITT’s side.

I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t want you to worry, KITT was just fine. The car was blown into the ocean, but as KITT’s waterproof (provided the windows stay up), it made no difference to him. And, he got to emerge from the water just like James Bond’s Lotus did oh-so-many years ago, but not before Michael and Zoe learned that Turner had a secret bank account that, prior to a withdrawal, had oodles and oodles of money in it. It had way more money than the agent had any right to. Hmmmm… can you say "bad guy?"

After a nice night spent in the car (it seems as though Zoe got the room to herself), Michael was on the beach looking for anyone who might have seen Turner. Instead of getting answers, he got attacked by a gang and had to be rescued by a lone man, Skyler. And here I thought Michael’s army days had taught him some special hand-to-hand moves, it seems to me he should have been able to handle the baddies by himself. Guess not. Zoe and Michael were quick enough to pick up on the fact that Skyler’s timing was just a little too coincidental and once they were done drinking excessive amounts of beer and tequila with him they grabbed an empty bottle of his and ran his prints.

Skyler was, as you and I both knew, bad news — he had been dishonorably discharged from the army along with the rest of his squad. Thankfully, Skyler had invited Zoe and Michael to go to a secluded beach with them the next day, otherwise all that tequila drinking would only have led to Michael and Zoe sleeping together and nothing else. Okay, Michael told Sarah, when she showed up the next morning with a new way to track Turner, that he didn’t sleep with Zoe, but I have my doubts about the veracity of that statement.

Once at the beach, Skyler invited Michael to surf in some pretty big waves. Michael, who said as much to everyone back at KNIGHT Industries when the whole thing began, doesn’t like water. After virtually admitting to being the bad guy of the episode, Skyler hit Michael with a cheap shot just as a huge wave was coming. KITT tried to offer Michael advice on how to surf, but Michael didn’t have time to assimilate the knowledge before getting knocked off the board and magically ending up back on land unhurt after a commercial break.

As all that was taking place, Sarah’s great new way to track Turner paid off and she and Billy (who inexplicably had shown up with her) found the RV Turner was in just as Skyler showed up there too. That’s where Billy came into play — he was tall enough to look into the window of the RV when KITT’s tracking was jammed. Kind of a weak excuse to use him, but I’ll go with it.

What Billy saw were next generation KNIGHT Industries rockets that should have been smart enough to recognize KITT as friendly, but apparently had been modified. The government insisted that there weren’t missing, but then again, the government insists on a lot of things that aren’t true.

The bad guys managed to funnel the missiles back into the country and were planning on hitting a nuclear plant with them. Of course, I don’t get how the missiles got out of the country to begin with, but I’m probably over-thinking it, what with my trying to apply logic to the show.

Michael and KITT were on the case, and despite KITT being in attack mode and only being capable of carrying two passengers total, Zoe and Sarah both insisted on coming with them. I’m saying it was a rivalry over Michael, but they’d both deny it. The three of them didn’t have to be in the car for long though, Michael got out of the car at some point to sneak up on the bad guys and beat them up by hand. He did an okay job of it, but Skyler still launched a missile towards the plant when Michael didn’t instantly shoot him (Skyler revealed just before firing the missile that he definitely knew Mike from their army days).

To deflect the missile KITT used his amplifier and the missile reversed course… and headed straight for Michael. Shockingly (or not) Michael got out of the way just in time and Skyler was blown to smithereens. I just wish I understood how the amplifier worked.

Question of the Knight — where was our turbo boost this episode? How did they do the episode without a turbo boost? A Knight Rider episode without a turbo boost is like a bar without liquor — it just doesn’t work.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser