The General Lee. The Batmobile. Magnum’s Ferrari. All iconic. All mute. And that’s why we’ve never put together a party for them. But with a special Knight Rider movie airing Sunday, Feb. 17, on NBC, we can celebrate the vocal stylings of one bad-boy piece of Detroit muscle — the Knight Industries Three Thousand, better known as KITT. So grab your driving gloves and a creepy pulsing cyborg red roving eye, and fill ‘er up; we’re throwing a Knight Rider party!

Setting the scene:
While KITT of the ’80s was a Pontiac Trans Am, the new and improved KITT is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR equipped with shape-shifting body panels, Val Kilmer’s voice and multiple cup holders. But we forget the past at our peril, so hang posters of David Hasselhoff and the old KITT. In fact, thanks to people with fiberglassing skills and too much free time, you can rebuild the original KITT entirely or just use the nose or computerized dashboard to add that special decorative touch that only great party hosts know how to achieve. Party favors can include DVDs of the original series, and Hasselhoff door hangers and bookmarks. Other decorative touches include those pine tree air fresheners and buckets with car wax. Have videos of the original show’s turbo boost scenes playing on various laptops around the room.

A black vinyl Members Only jacket, a red shirt unbuttoned to your navel, chest hair, a pair of Jordache jeans and hair feathered to within an inch of its life. And, for good measure, a pair of Knight Rider roller skates to keep the wind in your hair when you’re off the streets.

On the menu:
Hasselhoff stroganoff — beef(cake), of course — and a Carvel ice cream cake with the new KITT designed in icing. Beverage: Washer Fluid — one part Blue Curacao, one part vodka, one part “don’t drive after this party.”

On the hi-fi:
David Hasselhoff: The Very Best Of — this import is a must-have for anyone who loves the Hoff. It features classics such as Je T’Aime Means I Love You, Do the Limbo Dance and Highway to Your Heart.

The showstopper:
Want your very own new KITT? Ford is making only 1,000 of the Shelby GT500KR replete with the 540 horsepower engine and the awesome aesthetics. And yes, it comes in black.

Posted by:Michael Korb