Kobe Bryant‘s new nickname has been revealed, and it’s not as straight forward as it seems. The Los Angeles Lakers basketball player revealed on Twitter that he will now be going by the name Vino, and then had his fans try to guess why.

“Omg . My man just gave me a new nickname and I love it! Ha #vino,” Bryant tweeted.

Simple enough, right? After all, “vino” is the Spanish and Italian word for wine. As one fan tweeted, “I finally get Kobe’s new nickname. #Vino means Wine. So that means he gets better with age #duh #ImDumb lmao.” “U got it ;)” he responded.

But it turns out the name is actually more complicated than that. “E=mc2 = #Vino,” Bryant posted. “? Theory of E=mc2 =faster then light (the8)speed + VinoxMamba My Brains work.This is how it thinks Can u decipher it I’m curious 2cwatu got.”

We’ll stick with it just meaning “wine.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz