rihanna brit awards 2012 gi Kony 2012 video: Invisible Children gets Rihanna's supportRihanna is throwing her star power behind Invisible Children’s #StopKony campaign, reports TMZ.

The singer saw the organization’s viral video about Ugandan LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony and reached out to Invisible Children to hopefully create another video as soon as possible. Kony’s brutal crimes include child abduction, child prostitution and forcing thousands of children to fight in his army.

Rihanna’s picture was shown in the 30-minute video as a means of soliciting her support — and that of other celebrities — for the cause.

Some have criticized Invisible Children for its tactics, but Jedediah Jenkins, director of idea development for Invisible Children, tells the Washington Post that the critique is “myopic” and says the video is important because it got young people up in arms over an issue that doesn’t directly affect them.

Have you seen the video (below)? What do you think? Can Rihanna’s involvement make a difference?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper