khloe kourtney kim kardashian getty Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian defending sister Kim Kardashian in wake of divorceYou probably haven’t heard yet – Kim Kardashian and her husband Kris Humphries are getting a divorce. We’ll wait for you to have your moment wailing and gnashing your teeth.


Everybody doing OK? OK. Well, naturally, since the wedding lasted all of 72 days before Kim filed the divorce papers, there has been some backlash over whether the entire thing (which actually made them millions in TV and magazine deals) was just a publicity stunt. Cynical, right?

Well, when there’s backlash against one Kardashian, there is always another Kardashian there to jump into the fray and defend the one being attacked. In this case, sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have stepped into the ring.

Khloe tweets:

  • “Reading some these comments r so hurtful. Im grateful 4our fans who
    understand & r being respectful. Hate is disgusting. Love is

  • “Thank God for family. We are strong and we will only become closer! I love YOU”

Kourtney tweets:

  • “Our sister is going through a difficult time but we’re a close family and are sticking together like always.”

  • “We appreciate everyone’s kindness and support. @KimKardashian, we love you.
  • “Lol I always think that!RT @JonathanCheban: Isn’t it funny..the people
    that talk #!@%*# and are haters NEVER have a picture on the Twitter
    profile!! Must be some ugly people inside & out”

  • “I go on record saying a lot of nasty comments have eggs as their
    picture. Get it straight what I said egg. An yes I’m a #!@%*# too.RT
    @rgonel2070: @KourtneyKardash : a lot of your fans are eggs. Do you want
    to go on record as being a #!@%*#?”

What do you think, Pop2it readers?

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