myla-Sinanaj-kris-humphries-tmz-gi-rumor.jpgKris Humphries’ boys can swim! TMZ is reporting that his ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, is three months pregnant and Kris is definitely the daddy.

So will this throw yet another wrench into the never-ending saga of his divorce from Kim Kardashian? Apparently, it could be used against him. Sources say Kris thinks Kim cheated on him with her current boyfriend Kanye West, and Kris “felt played” by Kim. But this new development could be used to show that Kris moved on pretty quickly after Kim filed for divorce on Oct. 31.

TMZ also reports that Myla plans to have the baby but wants to raise it alone. However, Kris and Myla have been communicating regularly for the last three weeks — one thing she seems to have neglected telling him, though, is that she’s pregnant.

We think he probably knows now.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper