myla sinanaj kim kardashian cheater twitter rant Kris Humphries ex Myla Sinanaj watches Kim Kardashian's sex tape while making her ownOK, this is weird and creepy, but hey — anything to become (stay?) famous, right?

Myla Sinanaj, the Kim Kardashian-lookalike that Kris Humphries dated during his divorce proceedings from Kim, has made her own sex tape. You know, because of the obvious demand for one.

But the super gross part (as if making a sex tape isn’t gross enough) is that TMZ reports that in “The Anti-Kim Kardashian XXX,” Myla is watching Kim’s infamous sex tape that she made with R&B singer Ray J while a Humphries-lookalike does things to her.

Then Myla says, “Turn that off … I can do better than that.”

TMZ also reports that Myla isn’t afraid to … go backdoor, if you know what we mean (and we think you do, it’s not an overly hard code to crack).

So, naturally, the next step has to be that Myla teams up with Farrah Abraham, right? And then the world ends.

Also, can we please stop calling these things “sex tapes”?

If you make a video with your significant other for your private viewing pleasure, that is a sex tape. If you film yourself having sex with a relative stranger (perhaps one you hired) and you’re not against the video having wide release, let’s all be adults — you’re just a porn star.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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