kris humphries lawyer getty Kris Humphries sued by Beverly Hills suit shop for $52K over an unpaid billThe hits just keep on coming for Kris Humphries.

The Brooklyn Nets star, who’s still in the midst of his divorce battle with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, has been smacked with a lawsuit by Scott Hill, who claims Humprhies swindled a Beverly Hills suit shop out of thousands of dollars in designer clothing.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit says that Hill was approached by Humphries and Kardashian a few years ago in hopes that he would provide the NBA star with clothes. A deal was struck: Humphries would receive a 30-percent discount on clothes if he would bring at least two additional NBA players to the store within 12 months.

Hill notes that the other players didn’t even had to purchase anything; he just wanted to meet them. According to the suit, Humphries agreed and went on to buy more than $46K in goods, making good use of the discount.

However, Hill claims that Humphries not only never brought any other players into the store, but he still owes over $6K in unpaid bills. The suit requests more than $52K in damages, including interest.

Whether Hill has anything in writing to support his claim remains to be seen.

Posted by:Billy Nilles