Kris-Jenner-Show-Khloe-Kardashian-Odom-co-host.jpgKris Jenner‘s new self-titled talk show, “Kris,” hasn’t exactly been making headlines online. Well, it has — but not for the reasons the host probably wants it to. Reviews include lines like:

“I brought exceedingly low expectations to Day 2 of ‘Kris,’ the new daytime talker from Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner. And yet, to my surprise, I still marveled (and occasionally chuckled) at how the level of discourse plummeted like a stone from a highrise balcony.” — Michael Slezak, TV Line

“I found the show to be a bit boring. … Counting the number of times Kim Kardashian’s name was mentioned in the hour show — at least 10 times. Nothing like riding on the tails of her very famous daughter.” — Have U Heard

“[‘Kris’] is so horrible it should come with a hazard warning. … [Kris Jenner] has as much business with a talk show as her big, talentless bore-of-a-daughter, Khloe, had co-hosting a talent show like ‘The X Factor.'” — Linda Stasi, the New York Post

That last review apparently hit a nerve, because Jenner later sent the author a package of Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and a $325 Tiffany pen, along with a note that read, “Dear Linda, Sorry you didn’t like the show. I’m still a huge fan of
your column. Love and blessings, Kris. P.S. When you think I’ve
improved, maybe you will write a better REVIEW with this!”

Now, a lot of places are calling that a “bribe.” It’s not a bribe. Clearly the note is meant in to be in good humor (though Kris isn’t nearly as funny as she thinks she is). If it was really a bribe for a good review, it would have been handled much more sneakily, one would assume.

What it is, though, is Kris’ attempt at humor, but also her showing off that she can send $325 pens left and right. Either way, it’s not going to help her talk show.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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