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Kris Jenner, mom to Kim Kardashian, appeared on “The Today Show” Wednesday (Nov. 2) to promote her new book, but she also talked about the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce, of course.

“I wrap my arms around her, I’m there for her through thick and thin,” says Jenner.

When Ann Curry asks her if the wedding was all a sham for TV, Jenner says, “It makes me feel sad that some people are reacting that way. Certainly wasn’t a sham. Certainly wasn’t something for TV. We have enough going on on our show that we don’t have to make things up.”

“One of the rumors is we sold the television rights for millions of dollars –  not true. She profited from the wedding – absolutely false,”  Jenner continues. “They made some money for the pictures that were sold, but at the end of the day that went towards the wedding. Kim had to pay a great deal of money at the balance that was owed for the wedding, which she was happy to do because that was her fairytale wedding.”

Curry asks Jenner how much they made on their wedding pictures, in the interest of full disclosure. Jenner says, “It was less than a million dollars and more than half a million dollars and all of that went in toward the wedding … We were all paid to do our television show just like any other episode.”

As for how Kim is feeling right now, Jenner says she’s “not here to be [Kim’s] personal spokesperson.” But goes on to say, “She feels like she’s let a lot of people down. She’s sick about it. She just had to come out and say, ‘Look, I made a mistake and I feel terrible.'”

“I told Kim, ‘You’re not the first person to ever get a divorce and you won’t be the last,” Jenner continues. She also adds that these types of weddings are not foreign to her family.

“Khloe got married in nine days and everyone went, ‘Oh goodness, that is so fake. That’s not real.’ Meanwhile, two years later I’ve never seen two people more in love,” Jenner points out. “And Bruce and I met and married within five months and 20 years later, you know, we’re still married. I had no reason to believe that Kim, after six months, wouldn’t work out because the rest of us have done it that way.”

Jenner also addresses some of the rumors about the ring.

“It wasn’t a $2 million ring … It was less than half of that. Some of these reports are so outrageous and everybody gets so carried away,” says Jenner. As for what Kim will do with the ring, Jenner says, “It’s none of my business because it was a gift.”

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