kris jenner gi Kris Jenner's latest endorsement: sex aid Zestra (yes, really)

Further proof that there’s nothing the Kardashians won’t shill for money: Kris Jenner, the reality TV family’s matriarch, has reportedly signed on to endorse the sex aid Zestra.
Yep — Jenner is the new spokeswoman for Zestra Essential Arousal Oils. According to the press release, “Zestra is a topically-applied, over-the-counter product from Semprae Laboratories, Inc., that is clinically proven to enhance women’s sexual pleasure.”
A pal tells Life & Style that she’s not only a spokeswoman, she’s also a customer. “She’s tried it and uses it. She wants to promote great sex,” a source says.
Here’s Jenner’s (way TMI) official comment on the deal: “Men are able to talk openly about sex. Since so many women turn to me for advice about their love lives and marriages, many wish they could enjoy more fulfilling sex lives and it starts with being honest about their issues and their hopes. I was thrilled to discover Zestra, especially because it’s safe, natural and clinically proven to increase sexual satisfaction. I tried Zestra. It really works, and it’s so easy to use, so great sex IS effortless. And isn’t that what every woman deserves? I am sharing this news with women everywhere.”

The more you know.
Posted by:Jean Bentley