kristen bell homeless shelter charitable efforts Kristen Bell spends weekend at homeless shelter and 5 more reasons to love her

Kristen Bell, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

After finding out the “Veronica Mars” star spent her Sunday at a homeless shelter to hold a beauty day giveaway to those at the People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) location, our hearts swelled with happiness. Bell has been in the limelight for well over a decade, and she constantly uses her fame to help others in need. 

As the Honorary Chair of PATH, she frequently comes to the organization’s shelters to spend time with the people there instead of doing whatever else celebrities do, which we assume involves counting their money and Googling themselves. (Just kidding. We don’t actually think they do that. Well, most of them.)

What’s even better about Bell is this instance is just one of the many, many ways she’s given back to those around her, as well as made her opinions known in a manner that added positivity to the world. Here are some other reasons why Bell is just so awesome.

Kickstarting “Veronica Mars”

A lot of people talked about using Kickstarter to bring back their deceased projects, but Bell and Rob Thomas actually did it. Part of what made those who contributed money so eager to give to this movie was how much Bell and Thomas and everyone else involved made it all about the fans. From going to San Diego Comic-Con to giving the film a wide release, Bell helped remind us that making movies isn’t always about the money you receive afterwards, but it can be about who truly benefits from projects: the audience.

Actually waiting until gay marriage was legal in California to get married

Bell and longtime love Dax Shepard had been asked for years when they would tie the knot. Their answer? When gay marriage was legalized in California. True to their word, they waited until that day came before happily — and cheaplygetting married.

Rescuing a dog after Hurricane Katrina

Bell’s love of animals is well-documented. She regularly attends ASPCA fundraisers, and supports several other rescue organization and fostered animals from Michigan’s Humane Society, in addition to many other charitable endeavors. But the fact that she rescued an 11-year-old dog name Sadie from Hurricane Katrina just makes our hearts warm.

Spreading awareness of Invisible Children

Both Bell and “Veronica Mars” co-star Ryan Hansen have been deeply involved in promoting the awareness of Invisible Children. They helped spread the word about the plight of Northern Ugandans, especially since the charity’s public profile reached new heights while “Veronica Mars” was still on the air.

Loving sloths

Word’s can’t describe, but this video can:

What is your favorite reason for loving Kristen Bell?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz