kristen bell veronica mars movie gi Kristen Bell still wants to make a 'Veronica Mars' movieIt’s been five years since “Veronica Mars” ended its television run, but Kristen Bell is still carrying the torch for a movie based on her cult-favorite character.

“If I have my choice, there will be” a movie, Bell said Wednesday (Aug. 22) on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show (the movie discussion is at the end of her segment). “And it will be before I’m in a nursing home, I’m telling you, if I have any control over it.”

Bell was on Seacrest’s show to promote “Hit & Run,” the movie she made with fiance Dax Shepard and which opens in theaters Wednesday. She says she’s been involved in a few pitches for a “Veronica Mars” movie, but “it keeps getting caught up in the legal department, as everything good does. So we just continue to try to push it and let them know there’s a fan base for it.”

When we last saw Veronica, she was ending her freshman year in college. Bell has since moved on to playing roles closer to her real age (32), so any movie would likely feature an older version of the character.

Fortunately, there’s already a template for that. Bell and “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas shot a 12-minute presentation of Veronica as a young FBI agent as part of their pitch for a fourth season of the show, with Walton Goggins (“Justified”) as her boss. It was part of the Season 3 DVD package and lives on the Internet — you can watch it in two parts (there’s some overlap in the second video) below.

What would you like to see in a “Veronica Mars” movie?

Posted by:Rick Porter