veronica mars movie Kristen Bell would pay for 'Veronica Mars' movie, 'Army Wives' re enlist

Did you love “Veronica Mars?” Do you have roughly $13 million you want to unload? You should call Kristen Bell. That and other newsflashes await you in tonight’s TV snacks:

Kristen Bell is really gunning for this Veronica Mars movie. And if Warner Brothers can’t justify spending the money, she’ll happily help pay for it. She admits she’ll also settle for a web series — though she would like something a bit more grand. [Movieline]

Lifetime is renewing two of its original scripted series. “Army Wives” and “Drop Dead Diva” have both secured returns to the network for their respective fifth and third seasons. The 13-episode seasons will premiere in 2011. [Lifetime]

How is “The Office” going to handle Steve Carrel‘s departure? We don’t know, but Vulture gathered several TV writers — including “Lost’s” Damon Lindelof and “Bones” Hart Hanson — to write how they’d like to see the storyline play out. Ideas include a happily ever after with Holly and a gruesome death for Kathy Bates. Take your pick! [Vulture]

Stephen Colbert, we rarely know when to take you seriously, but this is probably an appropriate instance. The comedian is testifying at a U.S. House committee hearing on illegal immigrant farm workers. Apparently his comedic spin on the United Farm Workers union’s “Take Our Jobs” campaign has made him something of an expert witness. [AP]

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