kristen bell pregnant sex scenes house of lies Kristen Bell's pregnant sex scenes on 'House of Lies':  'Bigger underwear and CGI'“House of Lies” star Kristen Bell might be “400-pounds-months pregnant,” doesn’t mean her promiscuous character, Jeannie, is suddenly embracing chastity.

“That’s been the most hilarious part of the season for me, by far, is that none of my sexual influence on the show has changed,” the actress, who is expecting her first child with fiance Dax Shepard, tells Zap2it.

“They’ve just purchased bigger underwear. They honestly are just providing me with dino drawers.”

“She’s still just as hot as she always was,” notes costar Don Cheadle. “There’s just more of her to love!”

“I’m still doing sex scenes, and they’re hilarious because it’s gross,” Bell says, explaining that “they CGI” her baby bump.

“It’s nasty,” cracks Cheadle, whose character, Marty Kaan, becomes romantically involved with Jeannie in the Showtime comedy’s sophomore season.

“He can barely keep food down,” laughs Bell.

In contrast, says Cheadle, “she’s eating constantly.”

“You can’t tell I’m pregnant by my weight, but you can tell from the food all over my face,” agrees Bell. “There’s a lot of crumbs.”

“We tried to shoot around it for a while, and we just gave up,” snickers Cheadle.

Because of the actors’ hysterical banter and sizzling onscreen chemistry, we had to ask what role Don Cheadle would play in the long-wished-for “Veronica Mars” movie.

“You guys doing a movie?” Cheadle asked his costar.

“Well you know I’ve been trying to do a movie for like five years,” she explained, feigning exasperation. ” I’m going to send you an updated copy of my resume. This is so embarrassing. Don, I was on a show called ‘Veronica Mars’ …”

“We will do a movie,” she insists. “It will happen.”

“Are you casting Jamie Foxx?” Cheadle responded with mock outrage. “Just say it. Just rip the Band-Aid off fast.”

“He’s going to play Veronica’s new assistant,” Bell said about Cheadle’s (not Foxx’s) proposed role. “And it’s going to be this weird dynamic of like “Get me coffee!” and you being like, “I graduated from Harvard.”

“I used to run things!” responded Cheadle, already reciting imaginary dialogue.

“And I’m going to say, ‘You don’t run things around here anymore. And then just one day they’re gonna wrestle it all out. That’s how Veronica fixes her problems.”

Meanwhile, Bell is going to be cheering on her leading man Sunday at the Golden Globes. “I’m definitely rooting for him,” she said about Cheadle, up for an acting award for “House of Lies.”

The two collapse in conspiratorial giggles about a stunt they joke about staging during the awards show.

“I was going to scream from the stage — because she’s going to present — ‘You’re so fat!'” shared Cheadle.

“It would be amazing because I would just throw you under the bus,” chortled Bell.

“My career would be done,” said Cheadle. “They wouldn’t get it. I would get a lot of heat from that.”

You can count on Cheadle and Bell heating up the screen when “House of Lies” returns to Showtime, Sunday, Jan. 13 at 10 p.m.

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