KristendunstWho ya gonna believe, Kirsten Dunst or your own eyes?

Despite summer long sightings of Dunst with Drew Barrymore‘s leftover lover, Justin Long, (they broke up in July!) the actress tells Harper’s Bazaar, "I don’t know him from Adam."

Funny. Then how does she explain Us Weekly’s report of Dunst at Long’s home (a sleepover), a concert in Hermosa Beach and a lunch the next day at the Chateau Marmont, after which Long got a room at the hotel?

She insists, "I met him once, and he and his friend were kind enough to walk me home. I’ve never seen him since."

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe it was true at the time.

After all, the interview is in the October issue, now on newsstands. That means the interview was probably done at least three months ago.

Wonder what she’d say now.

Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead