will ferrell late night kstew crying Kristen Stewart cheating pics set Will Ferrell off: 'She's a trampire!'Who knew that Will Ferrell was a “Twilight” fan? On Thursday’s visit to “Conan,” Ferrell gave the most famous Robsten fan in the world, Nutty Madam, a run for her money when he launched into a (sarcastic) emotional tirade about Kristen Stewart’s “momentary indiscretion.”

“It’s not going to be fine, ever. What they had was so special, you don’t even know! You would never know,” he tells Conan O’Brien.

In an attempt to console Ferrell, O’Brien says, “I’ve been in love.”

“Not like them!” interrupts Ferrell. “Not like them.”

Our favorite part of this video is when Ferrell refers to Stewart as a “trampire.” Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to try to go find his Tumblr.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie