on the road trailer Kristen Stewart goes 'On the Road' in new trailerIt’s always a risk to adapt a beloved novel into a movie, so we have to admit that we’re incredibly nervous for the big-screen version of “On the Road,” which hits theaters later this year.

But judging from the first trailer for the film, we can exhale a little bit. This thing is gorgeously shot — so at the very least, it’ll be pretty to watch. If you’re unfamiliar with Jack Keroac‘s novel, which is considered one of the defining works of the beat generation, the story follows twentysomething guy Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) as he gets swept up in the perpetual adventures of Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund). The pair trek across the country along with Mary Lou (Kristen Stewart), Dean’s 16-year-old wife.

We don’t see many extended scenes in the trailer, but we do catch glimpses of the many supporting characters Sal and Dean meet during their travels. Sal’s voiceover gives us one of the best quotes from the book (displayed on many a college freshman’s dorm room wall) — the line about “burn, burn, burn like roman candles” — and helps set the scene.

Posted by:Jean Bentley