kristen stewart getty images 5 Kristen Stewart injured in dwarf attack on 'Snow White' setIn the history of weird excuses to halt a film production, this one has to rank high up on the list. Kristen Stewart says that last month’s momentary shutdown on “Snow White and the Huntsman” was due to a dwarf attack.

The actress, who plays Snow White in the upcoming film was shooting a fight scene with a group of lilliputians when she suffered a torn ligament in her arm.

“I got hurt doing a fight scene with dwarves. This ligament pull was really bad. Every day I have bruises all over. It’s full-on,” she tells The Sun.

Word of the injury first leaked out in Oct. when Stewart’s co-star, Max Manganello wrote on Twitter, “It’s a wrap for today. Kristen has hurt herself … nothing scary. We shoot on Friday.” Manganello quickly took down the post, but not before word spread.

The film, which also stars Chris Hemsworth and  Charlize Theron, is scheduled for a June 1, 2012 release. 

Posted by:David Eckstein