“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart appeared on “The Tonight Show,” on May 4 to chat with host Jay Leno about what she’s been up to. Some of that has involved reshoots for her upcoming film, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” It was during this time that she injured her foot.

“I wasn’t trying to have ultimate swag when I walked out,” she says, talking about her walk to her chair. “I hurt my foot. I wasn’t trying to get out of wearing heels either. Puncture wound, promise!”

The star talked about filming more of the hunt scene and working with creepy “Chucky” dolls, which seemed to really creep her out. She also called co-star McKenzie Foy who plays Renesmee “the coolest actress I’ve ever worked with.” Check out the video below to hear it all.

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