In “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” Bella Swan has finally arrived, and so has the actress who portrays her. Kristen Stewart, who became notorious in recent years for being uncomfortable and awkward in the spotlight, has been increasingly adorable in the various interviews that she’s done while promoting the final “Twilight” film.

The latest comes courtesy of Conan O’Brien‘s nighttime talk show “Conan.” Stewart spoke candidly about the aggressive vampire sex scenes fans have to look forward to in the new movie, out Friday (Nov. 16).

“[Bella] finally gets to be on top. It’s like, Jesus, how long did it take?” Stewart deadpans to O’Brien. “She has arrived. Bella is quite realized.”

According to O’Brien, there are quite a few close-up shots of Stewart’s face during “Breaking Dawn — Part 2’s” intimate scenes, and the actress admits those takes were a bit uncomfortable to film.

“It’s nice to see your own reflection while you’re making schmexy faces. It’s absolutely absurd, actually,” she jokes, adding of her mentality during those takes, “I want to shoot myself.”

Puns, jokes and sarcasm all in one interview? Who is this new Kristen Stewart and can we keep her forever?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz