kristen stewart robert pattinson texting Kristen Stewart texts Robert Pattinson every day: 'They are absolutely still together'   report

Been wondering where Robert Pattinson has been over the past couple of months? Turns out he’s been filming his new movie “The Rover” in Australia, which explains why Kristen Stewart attended the Oscars solo.

But don’t worry, “Twilight Saga” fans, because distance is reportedly making their hearts grow much fonder. A source tells E! News that Stewart texts Pattinson daily and talks to him regularly, despite the fact that she hasn’t visited him in Australia yet.

“She is counting down the minutes until he is home,” the insider says. “He loves her, but he wants to work, too — which is understandable. … They are absolutely still together. They are totally fine.”

Time to release that breath you’ve been holding, Robsten fans. Things seem like they’re going pretty well for our real-life Edward and Bella.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz