Former “Hills” and “Laguna Beach” star Kristin Cavallari was a guest on “Bethenny” Friday (Dec. 20), where she talked about how fake her MTV “reality” shows could be at times.

“They are very much like soap operas,” Cavallari says. “‘Laguna Beach,’ they really just manipulated situations and put us in
situations that we normally wouldn’t have been in, or we’d have to film
something that maybe happened a month ago or hasn’t happened yet, stuff
like that.

“When I decided to join ‘The Hills,’ I knew exactly what I was getting into. I knew exactly the character they wanted me to be, so I said, ‘Listen, I’m game. What do you want me to do?'” she continues.

“I had fake relationships, fake fights. I don’t care anymore, I can tell you. At this point, it’s been so many years,” says Cavallari, as she reveals one example of the fake storylines MTV contrived for them.

Brody Jenner, at the time, was dating Jayde Nicole. … I dated Brody when I was 18, right after ‘Laguna Beach’ and that’s it. Then on the show, on ‘The Hills,’ they had us ‘dating’ for a few episodes,” she recalls. “They pretended that him and Jayde broke up and I was dating Brody, and Jayde and I got into a huge fight because she saw us at a club. It wasn’t real at all. They were together the entire time.”

Cavallari also says that while the cast members didn’t receive a script, per se, the producers would text them lines to say.

“What they would do, if we were out at lunch, if we were out in public, they would text us what to say so that if you were there at the restaurant, you wouldn’t see what they were doing,” says Cavallari. “So, we’d look at our phones, we’d go, ‘Blah blah blah, I can’t believe you said this, blah blah blah’ and we’d look at our phone again.”

Finally, despite all the fakeness on camera, Cavallari has nothing but nice things to say about co-star Heidi Montag, who got a little crazy with husband Spencer Pratt when they were on “The Hills.”

“Heidi is one of sweetest, nicest girls I think I’ve ever met,” Cavallari says. “She has such a good heart, and I really mean that. I think she just got caught up in all the hype, which is easy to do. I mean, I get it. When I was 18, I probably got caught up in the hype a little bit, too. But she’s still the same person inside. I still talk to Heidi all the time.”

What do you think, “Hills” fans? Surprised?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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