kristin cavallari jay cutler preg vertical Kristin Cavallari: Pregnant and drinking margaritas? Not so fast, she saysWhen Hilary Duff announced her pregnancy back in August, we felt old. Now that “Laguna Beach” star and “The Hills” villain Kristin Cavallari has announced her “bun in the oven”… we mostly just feel concerned.

After all, Cavallari — who is once again engaged to Chicago Bears QB (and future baby daddy) Jay Cutler — made a name for herself as a high school student clutching an ever-present red keg cup, and later let MTV document her all-night benders.

In fact, just three weeks ago, Cavallari was tweeting “Mexican and margs in chi town with some of my fav people” and a few weeks before that it was “Makin’ din and having a nice glass of wine.”

She says the concern is unfounded, though. “I tweeted that I had margaritas a few weeks ago to throw ppl off cuz I
had gotten a couple tweets about my pregnancy,” she says. “I didn’t really drink!”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie