Add this to the long list of reasons we love Kristin Chenoweth. The Broadway star visited “The Tonight Show” and sang a version of her hit “Wicked” song “Popular” edited to pretty majorly mock Anthony Weiner.

“You will be popular/The right kind of popular/I’ll teach you to zip your fly/You won’t be that guy/With a camera down his pants,” the “Wicked” star sings. “I’ll teach you what tweets to tweet/Something clean and sweet/We’ll make sure you get your chance to be popular.”

Sure, that doesn’t sound so bad, but the best line comes when Chenoweth deadpans, “You want to be the mayor?/Stop acting like a big old whore.”

This is hilarious, but let’s face it: Anthony Weiner’s got nothing on Elphaba. What did you think of Chenoweth’s new rendition of “Popular”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz