Kristenstewart Kristen Stewart doesn’t have a problem with ’80s music icon Madonna landing a bloodsucking-temptress role in "New Moon" or "Eclipse," as has been rumored on the Web.

Madonnape_georg_55987944_600"I want everyone to love our movie," Stewart said today at the Four Seasons junket for her new comedy, "Adventureland."  "I haven¹t heard that one. That would be great if she¹s into it. Sure."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement but it’s about as close as she’s gonna get from the understated young actress.

To be honest, Kristen got waaaay more excited about playing punk feminist musical icon Joan Jett in the new film "Runaways."

And she’s even hoping to sing in the movie!

"I want to very badly. But I want to get it right. We are definitely on band practice.  There are a lot of performances in the movie."

How does it feel to play such a historic musical feminist?  "Joan is such a remarkable role model for any young girl. She was the first female to start a record label, and so young, in her early 20s. She was an activist and feminist."

Kristen promises a lot of "explosive scenes," like amps getting pushed through, and "guitars are smashed."

We’re so there!

And guess who else is starring with Stewart in "Runaways"? Dakota Fanning! Could you just die?

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Photos (from top): Kristen will make a rocking Joan Jett. Will Madonna be a hot vampire? At right, Joan Jett in concert. Credits: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead