nick kroll kroll show wheels ontario comedy central gi 'Kroll Show' will parody 'Degrassi' in 'Wheels Ontario'As if his series regular role on FX’s “The League” wasn’t enough, Nick Kroll is joining the crowded sketch comedy fray with Comedy Central’s new series “Kroll Show.” The eight-episode series launches Jan. 16, following the third season of the network’s hit “Workaholics.”

Kroll promises sketches with a strong narrative thread and recurring characters to “differentiate” the show from some of its rivals. And while reality TV will be a major target — everything from “Real Housewives” to HBO’s “24/7” — one of the most inspired parodies takes on Canadian teen soap “Degrassi.”

“I think doing a parody of a very Canadian show is exactly what we wanted to do on this show,” executive producer Jonathan Krisel says at the 2013 Winter TCA Press Tour. “It’s not the most obvious thing to do, but there are ‘Degrassi’ fans out there. Every joke is about Canada. It’s a fun weird premise to take on.”

Kroll says the idea for the ongoing sketch — dubbed “Wheels Ontario” — came from his co-star Jon Daly. “I played hockey when I was a kid,” Daly explains. “I was obsessed with Canada. I would go there for hockey tournaments and tried to fake a Canadian accent for a long time. I really liked the original ‘Degrassi,’ with the punk rock girl.”

But the skit takes on contemporary “Degrassi” too, and its most famous alum: hip-hop superstar Drake. “The ‘Wheels’ comes from Drake,” Kroll says in a nod to the storyline in which Drake’s character, Jimmy, was paralyzed after being shot by a classmate.

Kroll notes viewers will only see a few “Wheels” skits in Season 1, but don’t be surprised to see more if “Kroll Show” makes it to Season 2. “We shot [‘Wheels’] later in the season. I think if we had discovered it earlier, we would’ve found a way to make more.”

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