krystal ball racy photo scandal Krystal Ball opens up about her sexy photos scandal

MSNBC host Krystal Ball has had two years to think about the leaked racy party pictures that seemingly ruined her 2010 congressional campaign. At the time, six-year-old images of Ball posing sexually with a friend’s fake reindeer nose at a holiday party were released and caused Ball’s serious political platform to be taken down a notch.

“It was devastating,” Ball remembers of the scandal during a new interview with The Huffington Post. “One of the things that I was sensitive to as a young woman, and, frankly, a young attractive woman, was being stereotyped as being not serious. … It was a big barrier to overcome just to be taken seriously, but I had done that.”

She continues, “The initial news was really, really hard to deal with. … I really just wanted to hide in a corner, but I actually thought about what kind of a message would that send to future women, men from our generation who have stupid party photos, who might want to serve?”

Remember, people: Your Facebook photos really do stay with you forever.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz