Cal and Skye embrace in the Agents of SHIELD Season 2 finale

Cal Zabo (Kyle MacLachlan) got a very peaceful sendoff from “Agents of SHIELD” by having his memory erased and getting to spend the rest of his days as an oblivious veterinarian. 
The move allowed SHIELD to continue on without the threat of Cal’s alter ego Mister Hyde wreaking havoc. But giving him a normal life instead of killing him off means there’s always room for Cal to return in some capacity. 
That fact isn’t lost on MacLachlan, who reveals to Zap2it that the Season 2 ending of “SHIELD” surprised him as well. 
“I was sort of expecting as we got closer to the end that he was going to go out in a big ball of fire or whatever. That wasn’t the case,” MacLaclan says. “They found the way to sort of give him a life and left the door open.”

The door is open, but as of now there isn’t an obvious reason for Cal’s story to continue on “Agents of SHIELD.” Still, MacLachlan isn’t opposed to coming back into the fold. 
“There have been no conversations about it but I guess it’s not outside the realm of possibility,” he says. “We’ll see.” 
MacLaclan currently has his hands full with Pixar’s “Inside Out” press and then “Twin Peaks” Season 3’s production in the fall. He says that playing those characters as well as Cal led to a unique journey.
“It’s been an interesting up and down between ‘Agents of SHIELD,’ which was a dad with similar kind of care about his family, about his daughter in a completely different environment to [‘Inside Out’]. Then on to ‘Twin Peaks’ — so there’s been a real variety of things that I have been able to explore.” he says says. 
“Inside Out” hits theaters June 19.
Posted by:Megan Vick