You know, I’ve been very tolerant of Jessi‘s antics on Kyle XY since she’s obviously the genetic problem child to balance out Kyle’s more balanced, moral self, but honestly, if her behavior is the cause of his downfall, I will be very PO’d.

Spoilers hidden in a Ladnoc symbol ahead. 

The suddenly alive and upright Adam Baylin reveals to Kyle two things: 1) He (Adam) has the ability to heal himself by manipulating platelets (which is how he survived the gunshot wound), so Kyle ought to also, and 2) Brian Taylor has been disowned by Ladnoc because of his unsanctioned creation of Jessi, so now he’s on a mission to prove that Jessi isn’t a mistake, that she’s superior to Kyle and everyone else.

Unfortunately, that last fact isn’t the healthiest thing to combine with Jessi’s need to be better than everyone else. During a trip to UW, Jessi learns the Sarah was an academic rockstar, excelling at everything. Out comes Jessi’s competitive side, and she proves that she can out-hack, out-telekinesis and out-heal Kyle. Too bad it gives her a raging nosebleed and fainting spell.

Meanwhile, Lori somehow makes her own way over to U-Dub with Amanda and Hillary in tow (and Declan as a bored chauffeur looking for action) in order to book the renowned DJ Spin Brandt for their prom. The fallout? Somehow, a bar brawl starts, and the underage girls react thusly: Hillary acts as reporter for the event using her cell phone to record; Amanda is all damsel-in-distressy until Kyle saves her; and Lori gets saved by snotty TA Mark, who reveals himself to be the snotty DJ Spin Brandt, who refuses to do high school gigs.

One last thing: Andy is going in for new tests tomorrow, so she’s looking for a little nookie to get her mind off things. Unfortunately, Josh is being Mr. Responsible and isn’t cooperating. After getting a little couple’s counseling from Nicole — uh, ick?!? — they’re all sweet and understanding again. You know what? Somehow I didn’t really buy this fight. I mean, sure, they’ve been leading up to it, but Andy has always spoken her mind before. Why didn’t she this time?

As Andy leaves the Trager household, Kyle wishes her well with the tests and hugs her. Lights flicker. She’s kind of dazed afterwards. No cigarette, but I think it was good for her because Kyle has a nosebleed. Naturally, we’re supposed to assume that Kyle somehow harnessed his goodwill and power to treat her cancer somehow. Will it work? We shall see.

Other thoughts and highlights:

– Don’t bother checking out : It only goes to the ABC Family Kyle XY site. What a letdown. I wanted something creative.
– Lori to Declan: "Miss fighting the evil empire?"
– Hillary’s assessment of the "new" Amanda: "Facetious, self-aware and spicy!" — You know what? She’s still Ablanda to me despite this episode’s attempts to reform her. But it’s a start.
– Stephen: "Kyle’s coming to work with me: That never ends well."
– Hilarious sexist stereotype turned on its head when Josh declares: "I’m not a piece of meat."
– Andy is not short for Andrea, but Andromeda. I mean, how cool is that? Why is that embarrassing? Why are people afraid of unique names?
– I feel for Lori, discovering that her dad is a PILF with laugh lines that the female student body would like to lick. Ewww!
– Maybe Kyle needs a less selfish emotion than Jessi does in order to use his power. That’s why he couldn’t heal himself, but was able to work some sort of mojo (however unconsciously) on Andy. But then, judging from scenes for next week, he gets short-circuited somehow. Is Jessi the cause?
– Once again, Josh and Andy give me my Awww moment after ascertaining that they won’t go all old-school Hollywood and run into each other’s arms:
Andy: "I’m never getting rid of you, am I?"
Josh: "Nope."
Andy: "Good."

Your thoughts on this episode?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen