Oh, I am so filled with righteous anger from Kyle XY. Naturally, one of the targets of my ire is that upstart Jessi.

Spoilers rising from the past like an ’80s teen movie star.

You see, Jessi wronged one of the Tragers, but not just any Trager: Josh. I’m sorry, but he is by far my favorite character on the show. He went from consistently amusing and immature to responsible and caring in the most adorable way with Andy.

Because Josh has been all manly, reformed and diligent and stuff, he did significantly well on the placement exams, which has alerted sour-faced administrator Mr. Hooper. His natural assumption after seeing the improved scoring: that Josh cheated. Not only that, but since a mysterious someone hacked into the district’s computers to post the test questions online — a super-difficult process — Hooper assumes that super-genius Kyle is to blame. A double-Trager plot.

Since Kyle wouldn’t sully his hands so, the only other person with this ability is Jessi, who admits to our boy that she did it because "It’s such a Sarah thing to do." Stop it with the Sarah worship! Since when, Jessi, has your judgment ever been right?

The fallout is manifold: Jessi can’t reveal that she authored the site because then Hooper could access the IP addresses of all those who accessed it. A show of hands of people who knew that Josh was a red herring and that Amanda logged on? Yup, she was tempted, but angelic chick that she is, she didn’t actually get to the questions page. But Old Hoopy is tightening those thumb screws on Kyle to reveal who did leak the questions and even threatens that there will be no prom *gasp* if he doesn’t learn the truth.

Rock? Hard place? Make a Kyle sandwich.

Oh, there are some other plots too. Declan wants his Madacorp-fighting ankle injury to heal so he can impress the coach at UDub. At first, he gives in to Jessi’s offers of help (she’s been really doing amazing telekinetic things in training), but eventually that treatment wears off. Also, Kyle is all "Aw, gosh, shucks" around Amanda cuz he wants to ask her to prom, but has to time it just right. Sweet zombie Moses, I hope he never has to propose marriage.

On the conspiracy side, Kyle continues to receive anonymous IMs from someone who asks him to help Jessi since she’s being pushed too hard by Brian Taylor. Kyle decides to trace the IMs and infers that the mystery chatter wants him to go to that roadside diner he visited with Jessi. Naturally, he assumes that the person is Sarah, judging by last episode’s revelations. And oh hey, it is. And oh hey, it’s Ally Sheedy!

Thoughts and highlights:

– Something about the female friendships (except Lori and Hillary’s) seem weird or off somehow. Lori and Jessi had a bonding moment, and Amanda once again got along with Lori and the other woman, Hillary.
– I like how both Josh (bananas) and Nicole (pasta) take their anger out during food prep. No Top Chef for you.
– Methinks Taylor’s need for approval at Ladnoc echoes Jessi’s need for love. The difference is, I kind of feel sorry for Jessi even though she annoys me.
– I’m not crazy about this resurrected Baylin. He doesn’t seem real. I mean, I believe he is, but I just don’t think he’s important.
– Hillary assessing her prom date possiblities: "Been there, done him … and him."
– I get it. Jessi needs love and understanding. But does she have to be so stupid?
– Lori to Declan: "You were on the express train to Broodsville. It was time to pull the emergency brake."
– Two aww moments of the evening:
    Declan to Lori: "You know when to listen and when to shut me up. You get me."
    Kyle to Amanda: "You could never [disappoint me]. You’re you. Would you like to go to the prom with me?" — Okay, I admit, this was cheesy, but it worked!
– Genius casting Ally Sheedy as Sarah, Jessi’s genetic mom. They both have that round-eyed stare, dark hair and flat-mouthed expression. Kudos!

What were your thoughts about the episode? Is Sarah’s presence going to be good?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen