And just like that, with a few well-placed smiles, my aggravation turns to pity for Jessi on the latest Kyle XY. Jessi is just pure Greek tragedy. If she even so much as hopes — like when she waits to meet her DNA mom Sarah — you’re just waiting for that other shoe to drop.

Spoilers ahead, like the 82nd caller on the line.

At the diner, Sarah pretty much reiterates all that we know: that Brian is evil, that Jessi is misguided and that Ladnoc is selfish despite Adam’s benevolent view to the contrary. This is why Sarah "disappeared" in the first place: to have a life.

Is it any surprise to us that Sarah isn’t that keen to meet Jessi? I mean, that would just be way too happy for our Jess. Besides, if the two women are essentially the same, then that means Sarah has weird commitment/trust issues. She doesn’t feel worthy of meeting Jessi and tells Kyle not to contact her. But he has to since he just lied to Jessi that she’ll get to meet her mom soon in order to distract her from Brian Taylor, who is now ready to make her dance for Ladnoc.

Does anyone play Driver/Rider? Declan does. With Kyle’s genetically enhanced ability to replay the previous evening and recall each of the cars parked at the diner, the process of elimination leaves Sarah as the proud owner of a grey sedan. He gets her cooperation, but she never shows.

Jessi’s stood up and runs out in a huff, and Kyle follows her to the diner (cuz Jessi is SO predictable — Love me! I’m gonna cling pathetically to my mom’s life, not my own) to tell her the good news that the Tragers will take her in. But of course, Jessi will have none of that happiness BS. Her self-pity reaches epic heights, the lights go all flashy, and when Sarah shows up (ummm, bad timing much?), Jessi passes out, her heart stopped. Kyle puts his own life on the line and revives her. Clear!

Unbeknownst to them, Ladnoc is watching all of this and are very pleased with the experiment known as Kyle.

In the more normal world, there are a few prom-related dilemmas. Cancer-free Andy has asked Josh to go (via an upper-classmen date switch with Amanda and Kyle), so he gets in a dither about costs. He enlists Jessi’s help to figure out how to win radio station prizes, which he will sell online for cash. Simple, right? Unfortunately, Ablanda, with her boring prom crises, needs the money for catering, so sweet Josh coughs up the money from his spoils. But it’s okay because Andy had planned on treating all along.

Meanwhile, Lori is even more cynical than usual, which unfortunately affects her lyrics. She and DJ Mark fight and he bows out of prom. Oh, but wait! A bonding haircut moment with Jessi (who truly knows depression and loneliness) gives Lori perspective and she writes what we assume is a killer song. I can’t wait for next episode to hear it. I can’t be the only one sick of "She Could Be You."

And to make things more perfect? Leclan is back! Because of their deal, Lori and Declan are now going to prom together since neither has dates. She better put out. I didn’t say that. But still. She better make it worth his while somehow.

Other highlights and thoughts:

– Declan mentions how expensive prom is in front of the Parents Trager, mentioning a "suite" — "The sweet after-party with punch and chips" that is. Nice save. Stephen and Nicole are way too cool.
– I still don’t buy Ablanda being friends with Hillary, but she has some comic potential, like when she reveals that she’s seen Dirty Dancing 33 times, eliciting Hill’s predictable "poor thing." Amanda’s response? "Why does everyone keep saying that?"
– Andy is still occasionally annoying, like when she calls herself "Mama" (eww), but she at least appreciates Josh.
– Josh: "Andy is like the coolest guy I’ve ever known in a body I get to make out with."
– So, we haven’t seen the Jesus metaphors in a while, but with all the "What would Kyle do?" moments and possibly the resurrection stuff, they’re back. Can’t wait till he turns the prom punch into wine.
– Jessi looks way cuter with the slightly shorter hair.
– Andy: "This mouth upchucked lots of lunches during chemo, and for some strange reason, you never wanted to stop making out with me."
– Kyle and Nicole have another heart-to-heart, with the tension between them a little lessened this time. But she was still perched saucily on the edge of his tub.
– Foss is back and as cryptic than ever. He threatens Taylor and gives him a one-way ticket to — I wonder where?

Do you think Jessi has learned anything now? Will Leclan be a reality? Who will go missing? And OMG, who’s excited about prom?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen