Mattdallas2_kylexy_s2_240 I’d love to blame Jessi for this latest Kyle XY drama, but she’s really not at fault. Well, maybe indirectly.

Spoilers hidden in a subliminal frequency on a 45.

Kyle is officially on the fritz. He’s just a giver, and it seems like everyone else who claims to love him is a taker. Whether it’s helping Josh/Declan/Hillary/Amanda with their studies, Lori with her song for the prom contest or Stephen with his romantic anniversary dinner for Nicole, our poor boy is getting his genetic wires crossed.

Not only is his super-hearing working overtime, but he’s like … normal. Kyle is bumping into furniture, getting test questions wrong and messing up Stephen’s lobster sauce. He’s fallible and pitiful. Jessi put it best: "When did you get so ordinary?" Shut up, smug beyotch! When we want to know your take on a situation you have no knowledge about, we’ll ask you. Oh, and you haven’t mastered humor either.

Adam There’s an odd byproduct of Kyle’s malady, and that’s numerous pictures he makes all dot-matrix-y using primary colors. The only problem is, they make no sense … until Adam Baylin shows up. Like a doctor, apparently he makes housecalls. Adam claims that the 45 of "She Could Be You" (Adam and Sarah’s song. Aww!) contains secret messages they sent to each other back in the day as a lark.

But who could be sending this message? The 45 was left anonymously with Jessi. Could Sarah still be alive? Would anyone in the audience be surprised if this happened? The Tragers scan Kyle’s 400-odd photos and play them in rapid succession, like frames in a film, until they make an image: The Ladnoc symbol in red with the words "I’m Alive" written across it. No, it’s not a message from Eddie Vedder. Adam divulges that he gave a one-of-a-kind red-stoned Ladnoc ring to Sarah.

So we see where this is going? They want us to believe that Sarah is alive, and the evidence (and scenes from next week’s episode) is pretty compelling. But then again, I was completely drawn in by the red herring this week: That Kyle was short-circuited by putting Andy’s cancer in remission last episode. You know what? I still believe that. Maybe it was a combo of that and the stupid message on the record. Yeah, I’m sticking with that, and you can’t tell me different.

Assorted thoughts and highlights:

– Kyle thinks up four out of 12 words that have the same end rhyme with "corsage." What are all 12?
– There’s something off about Jessi and wrong about this Sarah character. They give me the creeps.Hillary_02
– Loved how they brought back Hillary’s hidden cooking talent as a way to help out Stephen. Disappointed that it was just a salad though.
– Priceless how Andy’s two moms celebrate her remission with pizza and batting cages.
– Hillary to Stephen about Lori and Mark’s rapport: "Snarky remarks hidden in sheep’s clothing … aggro flirting is thinly disguised sexual tension."
– Still not buying Lori and Mark, but maybe he needs to break her heart so she can go back to Declan. Like Hillary, I think they should be "Leclan."
– Can we stop it with the weird subtextual flirting between Kyle and Nicole? They have what Kyle and Ablanda lack. The ending scene where she visits his bathtub is particularly weird when he tells her, "I think you’re special enough to handle it all" was just creepy!!
– Fave aww moment from Josh to Kyle: "You can say what you want, but I still would like to think that you helped [Andy]."

So, is Sarah alive? What does she want? What about Mark’s role in this? Your opinion on Kyle’s weird condition?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen