Kyle XY asks how far you would go for love. Would you go 38 feet and 9 inches?

 Spoilers stashed ahead like an old bikini you just can’t throw away.

A show of hands of those who felt cheated by the misleading promos. I totally wanted Ablanda to break free of her good girl roots and dump Kyle’s butt for some hottie she met at that music conservatory — a hotbed for hookups if I ever heard one. Alas, it was not to be. She instead had an identity crisis that made her question if this was what she actually wanted in life. Yawn.

Mama Bloom isn’t so thrilled with Amanda’s impromptu visit home if it means her daughter has given up on her dream. Naturally, Carol blames Kyle. I mean, he was levitating, so that means he poisoned Amanda’s mind, right? Mama puts Ablanda on house arrest without the snazzy ankle bracelet.

I wasn’t sure where this was going, but then the show got really good. The Siblings Trager and Jessi volunteered to help Kyle bust Amanda free so he can talk to her and find out what’s wrong (she had left him hanging with the words, "We need to talk," which he learned is bad). The harebrained scheme was a hilarious mix between Mission: Impossible and Scooby-Doo, requiring the team to practice misdirection with the purse-lipped Mrs. Bloom.

Here they be, the phases three:
1) Jessi rings the Bloom doorbell to talk to the mom, but really gets the alarm code. Lori tosses pebbles at Amanda’s window, alerting Mama Bloom so she’ll pull down the shade.
2) Kyle hones his ability to control the flow of electrons and manipulates them to go through the Tragers’ household, out to the neighborhood transformer (not a robot in disguise), into the Bloom household and finally to Amanda’s lamp to short it out.
3) Kyle uses a projector to throw words he wrote on the upstairs window onto the shade in Amanda’s room. With the room dark and the light from the projector, she finds out the alarm code her mother was keeping from her and an order to meet Kyle at local teen hangout, The Rack.

The best part of it all? Josh acts as decoy by putting on a blonde wig and lying in Amanda’s bed in case Mrs. Bloom checks up on her daughter. Let’s start Joshie’s drag career early, why don’t we? I wish Andy were there to mock him.

Ah, but there’s an unknown element, usually designated as x in Algebra, but let’s just say it’s XX. Yup, Jessi. She’s eager to learn and improve her abilities under Kyle’s tutelage, but when she hears that Amanda might be sticking around and not returning to New York, she gets an odd look on her face. Could it be jealousy? Or perhaps she just feels some sort of ownership over Kyle’s time. Hmmmm. Regardless of the motivation, it’s strong enough to make her rat out the location of the starcrossed lovebirds to Mrs. Bloom, who promptly whisks her daughter away on her Bloom broom.

Finally, finally we see Ablanda pluck up some courage when she defies her mom by refusing to catch the flight back to school and seeks sanctuary in Kyle’s love hideaway equipped with the comfy bathtub.

Speaking of sneaking through windows, Brian Taylor catches Jessi sneaking back into her room and confronts her about her activities at night. Turns out she finally understood about not being seen, so she’s been practicing her tricks at night. Ol’ BT is thrilled because he can’t wait to train her for his "plans." Jessi is thrilled in turn because she has a purpose other than messing up Kyle’s love life.

Thoughts and highlights:

– This episode was all about identity: Amanda’s musical pursuits, Lori’s essay, Nicole and Stephen’s career choices and Jessi’s continued attempts at finding a purpose. Heck, even Josh donning a wig played with the theme.
– Last time I wore a sundress, no car alarms went off. I must have been standing in the shade.
– Lori describing the other half of the half-full glass as "a desolate void of disillusionment, misery and regret." She speaks my language.
– Thank goodness Kyle’s guitar serenade was cut short. I don’t think I could take the cheese factor. Only John Cusack has ever made serenading really cool.
– Even Ablanda’s favorite meal is bland: noodle casserole. Why do I continue to be disappointed in her?
– Jessi: "I can do anything Kyle can do." Josh: "Can you make out with Amanda? Cuz that would be hot."
– Mrs. Bloom: "You’re Lori’s trampy friend." Jessi: "Oh no, that’s Hillary."
Declan has that look in his eye. He’s going to do something dramatic to try to win Lori back. He better. 
– It was brief, but Hillary always steals the scene, and this time she revealed her secret love of Top Chef. Lol.

Your thoughts? What about those scenes from next week?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen